Utah Paleontologists Discover New Rapter

The new fossil is roughly the size of a coyote and was discovered by scientists near Arches National Park.

The raptor was among several discovered at or near Doelling’s Bowl Bone Bed, about 230 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, which has yielded several new species in the last two decades and is thought to be the base of Utah’s Cretaceous record. Fossils found at the bone bed are estimated at between 120 and 130 million years old.

The new creature, a predator, has been designated as a new dinosaur genus and species known as Yurgovuchia doellingi, said Jim Kirkland, state paleontologist for Utah’s Geological Survey.

Yurgovuchia is the first new species unearthed in Doelling’s Bowl to be named, although Kirkland said scientists believe as many as six new species may have been found at the site he described as “richer than any other place in the U.S.”

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