Verizon Overhauls Its Rate Plans

Here’s Ina Fried with All Things D about the changes:

Verizon’s monthly charges are based on two factors–the number and type of devices a person or family has and the amount of data they want to use. The per-device charges range from $40 for each smartphone to $10 for a tablet, while the data portion ranges from $50 for 1GB to $100 for 10GB.

The new plans will go into effect June 28 and be the only option available to new customers.

Basically, if you want an iPhone on Verizon it’ll cost you a minimum of $90 per month for unlimited minutes and texts, and 1GB of data. This is a tacit admission that minutes and texts are no longer important when it comes to generating revenue from smartphone customers. Verizon understands this and is making changes to capitalize on usage changes.

Data is the only thing that matters, but $90 a month is steep.

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