Vimeo Gets a Spiffy Redesign

Last month, YouTube underwent a redesign with a focus on the social elements of subscriptions and playlists. But really, not much changed. Vimeo, on the other hand, has focused its redesign on the experience of watching videos.

Vimeo’s new video pages are optimized for viewing with a 960×540 video player at the top and related info — comments, likes, tags, etc. — hidden below the fold. For viewers who want to navigate other related videos, Vimeo has added a tab for “More Videos” that unveils related videos along the top of the page. By doing so, Vimeo has eliminated a lot of the clutter that was visible on the old site.

The site also has a consistent look and feel, across video pages, category pages and the like, which is designed to improve navigation throughout. Vimeo has also added a new recommendation engine that will enable viewers to find interesting relevant content while browsing videos. It’s also improved the search mechanism and added keyboard shortcuts to make browsing and navigation even easier for its users.

Gosh, I wish YouTube looked more like this:

It’s probably something Google is going to have to do if the site hopes to become more like a television network in the future. Vimeo did everything right in redesigning the site. YouTube … not so much.

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