We Should All Back the Mine Kafon Kickstarter

Back in November, we shared the cool video of Massoud Hassani, a young Afghan engineer, who invented a low-cost wind-powered mine detonator with the appearance of a giant, spiky-armed tumbleweed. He dubbed his invention the Mine Kafon.

Now, Hassani has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise £100,000 to turn one prototype into an actual product. Let’s help make this happen shall we? If ever there was a project that deserved to be funded, it would be this one.

“Afghanistan, a country with a long history of war, is dotted with these subterranean dangers,” the project notes. “According to one report, about 1 million Afghans live within 500 meters of areas expected to contain landmines. Recently, a group of 10 girls lost their lives when they encountered a hidden mine on a routine outing to gather wood. On average, landmines claim about 42 lives every month.”

If mass produced, it could potentially save thousands of lives and severe injuries just by roaming war-torn countries filled with these concealed mine fields that threaten to tear open “fresh wounds in communities which are just beginning to heal.”

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