Well Played BuzzFeed, Well Played

We’ve talked before about BuzzFeed’s secret sauce of taking minor Reddit hits, repackaging them into bigger listicles and making those lists go viral. Sometimes, those lists can be touching, meaningful, and funny. Often times, they are just ridiculous excuses for viral linkbait.

In a bit of satirical finger jabbing, McSweeney’s published a hilarious article titled “Suggested BuzzFeed Articles“, which included such lists as: Elvis Presley’s 42 Sweatiest Moments, 16 Hippies With Blood On Their Hands, 10 Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajak, 25 Numbers Bigger Than “2”, 84 Things That Aren’t On an Everything Bagel, 11 Political Lessons We Learned From Gilmore Girls, and 15 Former CEOs Peeking Out Of a Bouncy House.

To BuzzFeed’s credit, they’ve gone out and begun putting together actual articles for all of the fake McSweeney’s articles. Ten grizzly bears doffing newsboy caps is pretty great.

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