What NASA’s Been Missing for 40 Years

Excitement. Awe. An inspiring moment.

Based on anecdotal evidence on Facebook and Twitter, it seems like plenty of people stayed up to watch the event and cheer on Mars Curiosity Rover surviving its seven minutes of terror early this morning. It’s a monumental endeavor — one that makes any science nerd proud that people are excited about science!

When was the last time we collectively witness NASA engineers Jet Propulsion Lab get their H.A.M. on? Or marvel about a lone photo when the Curiosity transmitted the first picture back to Earth. Even a copyright infringement claim by Scripps Local News removing NASA’s video posted on NASA’s official YouTube channel documenting the landing couldn’t ruin the moment.

Anyway, the image above of the Curiosity parachuting into Mars, taken by the NASA HiRISE (world’s most powerful camera, btw) is one for the ages and for the first time since the moon landing, NASA has a chance to generate some momentum from the excitement and pride-inducing accomplishment.

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