Wii U Coming in November?

G4 reports that according to an email obtained by WiiUDaily, “supposedly from a well-known Japanese retailer”, Nintendo’s next generation system, the Wii U, will hit shelves on November 18, 2012 in the U.S. and a week later in Japan.

The Wii U strikes me as a console ripe for massive failure. It reportedly has less graphics firepower than the PS3 and Xbox 360 — consoles that are close to a decade old. Not only that, but the controllers rely on a touchscreen interface that can be used as a portable gaming device. With the runaway success of both the iPhone and iPad as a casual gaming machine, Nintendo seems to be missing both markets — the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer — at once.

As Apple has proven, it’s not about the hardware so much as it’s about the software and games. Why is Nintendo even including an optical drive? Why aren’t they trying to offer a device that is not just a gaming system, but also doubles as a home’s central media center?

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