YouTube Readies for a New Round of Content Investments

According to AdAge: “The new investments will be roughly equivalent to the first; most channels received funding in the $1 million to $5 million range in exchange for producing a year of content that YouTube could sell exclusively.”

Honestly, I love what Google and YouTube are trying, but none of these channels really have any brand recognition, save for perhaps Machinima, and none of the content being produced seems like it’s a must watch. At the same time, YouTube doesn’t really seem to be creating a Hulu-like portal where people drop by to see what’s on. YouTube is still too democratic to work in the way that YouTube is hinting at with these massive channel investments.

If something is good on YouTube, I’ll find it embedded on a blog or website. Who the heck goes to YouTube to watch specific pieces of content?

Update: All Things D points out that YouTube will only reinvest in 40 percent of the channels it investing in the first time around. Conversely, Rex ponders the question if any of the YouTube content is as good as what’s on TV?

“With so many great series now appearing on cable television, that seems a fair question. If YouTube is going to compete for your time, it should approach the quality of AMC, HBO, NBC, and Showtime. Or at least G4, Bravo, MTV, and OWN. Right?,” he wonders. Yes. That’s the bar YouTube is competing against.

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