Zombie Myspace Won’t Die, Needs Friiiieeeeeeends

The next iteration of Myspace looks like discarded waste from Instagram, Pinterest, and Microsoft’s Metro UI. Specific Media acquired Myspace more than a year ago, somehow convinced Justin Timberlake to come aboard as one of the new owners, and let him announce the new Myspace video yesterday on Twitter.

The real question is why? Yes, it looks nice and is different from Facebook, but this will mark the second relaunch of Myspace (what, you forgot they redesigned in 2010?) and something tells me it will matter as much as the last one. Why not just let it die like Friendster? Why not design for mobile instead of the web, as MG Siegler suggests every new software company should do? If you can’t answer the question of why, it doesn’t matter how much lipstick is smeared on the pig. Myspace needs to show people the bacon. [via thenextweb]

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