88 Acres

Microsoft might not have a future when it comes to mobile devices and desktop computers (we kid, we kid), but they quietly built the city of the future:

A small, covert team of engineers at Microsoft cast aside suggestions that the company spend US$60 million to turn its 500-acre headquarters into a smart campus to achieve energy savings and other efficiency gains. Instead, applying an “Internet of Things meets Big Data” approach, the team invented a data-driven software solution that is slashing the cost of operating the campus’ 125 buildings. The software, which is saving Microsoft millions of dollars, has been so successful that the company and its partners are now helping building managers across the world deploy the same solution. And with commercial buildings consuming an estimated 40 percent of the world’s total energy, the potential is huge.

So they have that going for them. Yes, it’s biased towards Microsoft because it’s written by their publicity team, but it’s a well-designed, written, and fascinating article by Jennifer Warnick, regardless — if you’re into building management, big data, and that sort of thing.

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