Aereo Wins Major Court Battle Against TV Networks

Aereo is a company that delivers free broadcast channels via the Internet for $12 per month, allowing customers to watch networks on any Internet-connected device. It even bundles in some cloud DVR functionality.

Broadcasters hate it, as I would imagine so do cable companies. Since going live with the service, Aereo has been dealing with legal action against its service.

Today’s court win is a big one for the company.The Verge breaks it down:

Broadcasters argued that unlike Cablevision, Aereo lacked the proper license to operate — but the court ruled that the license doesn’t matter since Aereo customers are streaming their own unique copies to themselves. The remarkably tech-savvy decision for Aereo today clears major legal difficulties for the web-television broadcaster, and will force TV networks to win an appeal either in front of the full Second Circuit or Supreme Court if they want to shut the streaming service down. “The Second Circuit stomped the broadcasters pretty hard,” said The Verge’s Nilay Patel.

I use rabbit ears, but sometimes I don’t get good reception or even some channels over the air. Would I pay $12 per month for basic broadcast channels I can get for free? Maybe. The price is certainly enticing.

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