Child of the 90s

Microsoft apes Don Draper’s “Carousel” ad in its latest attempt to convince people that Internet Explorer isn’t so terrible.

BUT, this add should hit me squarely in the gut and heart and make me want to switch from Chrome back to IE. But it doesn’t. It just makes me want to play Oregon Trail and Hungry Hungry Hippos at the very least. At the very most, the ad actually has an unintended side effect: it makes me feel bad for IE.

This is my generation and I’m at the point where I’ve put away childish things to become an adult. Why would Microsoft want to lump its browser in with the childish things I’ve put away? This ad makes me feel better about my switch to Google’s Chrome browser. I realize I don’t want to revisit Internet Explorer anymore than I want to start where Reebok Pumps again.

(Actually, IE 9/10 are pretty great, but that’s beside the point)[via DF]

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