Dropbox Buys Mailbox

This is pretty huge in the mobile/cloud app space:

The companies reported the deal to the Wall Street Journal on Friday, saying that Mailbox would remain a separate app as the entire team joins Dropbox. Dropbox CEO Drew Houston told the WSJ that his company felt it “could help Mailbox reach a much different audience much faster.”

Aside from keeping Mailbox running as a separate, standalone application, Houston told the WSJ that Dropbox will use Mailbox’s tech to improve its own features, including handling email attachments. Mailbox is from Orchestra, a Palo Alto-based startup, and generated plenty of buzz around its launch. The launch featured a unique virtual waiting line, something Mailbox had to put into place to ease the initial strain on its servers.

In an official blog post from Dropbox by co-founders Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, the company shared that it felt the goals of the two companies aligned near-perfectly. Both, the post says, hope to improve upon existing legacy tech that people use everyday; the hard drive in the case of Dropbox, and email for Mailbox.

Dropbox and Mailbox are both best of class applications and now it feels like the combined company could be poised to become a huge modern application vendor in its own right. Really curious to see what new products come as a result.

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