Google Sunsets Reader

This is only going to matter to the people who rely on an RSS service to cull through millions of websites. However, Google announced today that it’ll be closing Google Reader’s doors on July 1st of this year. It’s total bullocks.

I can’t imagine Google is putting that much money into Reader. How difficult/financially arduous would it be to hire one or two engineers to oversee the product and make incremental updates?

From Google’s perspective, they are trying to streamline its products and services. They want to concentrate on ones that make money and bring new users into the Google-fold. Reader didn’t really do either, so shutting it down makes sense.

Lifehacker has a good round-up on alternative solutions and a tutorial for extracting your feed data to import into another service. I’ve heard good things about Spundge, Pocket, Prismatic and NewsBlur (free for up to 64 sites, but $12 per year for unlimited), but certainly there’s a market opportunity for a company to do a viable RSS reader at scale?

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