Hello Again

Our apologies for the three week hiatus from posting. We intended to take a mini-digital detox at the tail end of August. The idea was to get off email, get off Twitter, stop checking Facebook every minute of every day.

It was a plan to refresh the batteries and just step away from the grind of the Internet. But then coinciding with that plan we ended up starting a new job and the transition turned the one-week hiatus into a three-week vacation from digital life.

It was great. We’ve heard from a few of you asking when we’ll be back or what the status of the site is — because, if the five years of running the Sly Oyster the longest we’ve ever gone without posting anything new has been one week.

Don’t fret. We’re not going anywhere. Just settling into a new life routine and a new job and figuring out how and when The Sly Oyster fits into that new pattern.

See you soon!

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