Links: Super Mario Cat Climbing Box is Amazing

bsau1g1h1. If you own a cat and grew up playing Nintendo, then surely you’ll want to get your hands on this Super Mario-inspired cat climbing box. You’re cat might like you as a result.

2. Nieman Labs conferred a group of incredibly bright thinkers on predictions for journalism in 2014. Lots of great essays, but Jason Kottke’s on blogs and information streams was particularly great.

3. Agree 100% with “What Streaming Music Can Be” by Khoi Vinh.

Having a record in your collection meant that you could spend time poring over its liner notes: familiarizing yourself with the names of musicians, producers, engineers, and managers; memorizing lyrics; and studying photos of musicians’ faces, stances and attire. These were the intangible qualities that made music more than just a service, but something to be collected.

Still, merely replicating this information would amount to no more than aping the physical world, a strategy that has captivated many traditionalists but rarely produces true excitement. Streaming music can do so much more.

4. If you love Oral Histories (and I suspect some of you might), then you’d be wise to check out Vulture’s series of micro-oral histories.

There are ten entries in the series, including, such pop culture ephemeral like, the final scene in HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under’, how Six Mix-a-Lot wrote ‘Baby Got Back’, the episode where Donna lost her virginity in the original ‘90210’, and even one on the nerd villains during season six of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘. Great stuff.

5. The Inside Story of How the NFL’s Plan for Its 1st Openly Gay Player Fell Apart

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