Monoprice Branches Out

Monoprice is the single best place to purchase cables, where it has cultivated a reputation for selling cheap HDMI cables. It’s the kind of place gadget nerds could knowingly wink at one another as being apart of the club as we laugh at the thought of someone paying $60 for a Monster HDMI cable at Best Buy.

The store has since expanded beyond cheap HDMI cables, but it’s about to step up its game by selling cheap, high-quality, electronic products.

Monoprice had dabbled in headphones and speakers before, but this was something different. At CES, the company announced a high-end LCD monitor, specced to compete with $1,000 models from the likes of Dell and Apple but priced at below $400. It would carry the Monoprice brand, like everything else the company sells. And it would be targeted at the same savvy, know-it-all nerds who’ve been recommending cheap Monoprice cables on forums and blogs for years. The company also launched a GoPro-style action cam for about $90. Almost overnight, Monoprice willed a consumer electronics brand into existence.

The company is selling those infamous 27″ computer monitors with an IPS display from Korea that have only been available through eBay or back channels. If this works, it’s possible Monoprice could become the next Vizio.

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