Outbox: “I needed a Dropbox for my snail mail”

OUtbox pressFor $4.99 per month, Outbox picks up your mail, scans it, and provides access to view it on iOS devices or through the web. If you want the physical version of a piece of mail, you designate the item to be delivered, and Outbox drops it on your doorstep.

Sounds great, right? Basically, Outbox wants to digitize the blue USPS mailboxes. But, is something like this really necessary? Maybe if it was coming from the post office as an added service. For me, sorting my mail every couple of days for bills, letters and recycling junk mail isn’t all that difficult. It maybe comprises a total of five minutes of my week.

I think there could be a market for something like this, but more than being the middleman between the post office and myself, what I need is an easy way to digitize, organize, and store receipts, bills, documents, etc. Shoebox already exists for that and Outbox also offers a lot of that functionality.

I really don’t understand the value add. Am I missing something? Do you give them permission to open your mail? Why would you want a digitized copy of the outside of an envelope?

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