The TSA’s Growing Mission Creep

It’s no longer confined to airport security and the agency everyone hates is hoping no one cares enough to put a stop to it. Chris Elliott has a good suggestion:

Revise the TSA’s mission statement to limit its activity to air transportation. After all, we have local and state police, highway patrols, Customs and Border Protection, and, if necessary, the National Guard to protect roads, bridges, railways, and the occasional Super Bowl game. Adding a single word—“air”—to its mission would end its controversial VIPR program. One word would put the TSA’s enormous budget into perspective, allowing lawmakers to ask—and answer—the question: How much do we want to spend on aviation security? I’m willing to bet it would be significantly less than the $7.4 billion Americans currently pay for the TSA.

Update: The TSA said Friday that it would begin removing the controversial full-body scanners that produce revealing images of airline travelers beginning this summer. YAY! Except that it’s only for the Rapiscan scanner and not the other full-body scanner. BOO.

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