What Actually Happens During “36 Hours in. . .” a Foreign Country

cn_image.size.taipeiJuli Weiner points out how ridiculous those New York Times travel articles are by offering a more sober look at what actually happens when traveling to a foreign country for the weekend.

Eleven a.m.

Awake to the sound of your significant other tapping away on his iPad.

“Holy shit! Is there Wifi?” you ask.

“Yup!” he responds, elated.

You get out your own iPad and the two of you sit in silence and respond to work e-mails and personal e-mails of a non-time-sensitive nature for the next 45 minutes.

“Should we go walk around?” you ask.

“Um, let me just check the weather,” he says.

After browsing Twitter for another half-hour, the weather is checked. “Oh my God it’s hot,” he tells you.

“Ugh, I don’t want to like, wander around if it’s going to be a thousand degrees,” you say. “Let’s, like, figure out a specific place to go to.”

“What do you feel like doing?”

“Uh. Shopping?”

“O.K.,” he responds tentatively. “It’s just that, this hotel was kind of expensive, so maybe today could be like a museum day?”

“But we can go to museums in New York!”

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