Building The Next Pixar

pixar_street1Over at Fast Company, Evie Nagy interviewed Pixar alums about the applicable lessons they’ve learned, while steeped in animation giant’s creative Kool-Aids, for building their own company.

Our conversations revealed recurring themes about applying Pixar’s principles in other organizations: delight and storytelling as driving forces, the elimination of ego as management strategy, the idea that creativity can come from anyone, and the balance between patience and action. Each is a philosophy and approach that former employees have adopted in their new organizations to create revolutionary products and strong teams, and can be translated into any business.

We second what Shawn Blanc says, “so many great nuggets in this article about creativity, community, quality, and more.” The big one for me is about organizational culture. It’s a difficult thing to nail at large companies. Harder still for small companies to maintain once they get big.

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