Furbush Children’s Fund

011514furbush002This isn’t a fun post to write, but it’s an important one. On November 11, 2013, Kayley, 6, and Patrick, 3, lost their mother, Kristen, to brain cancer. Sadly, this past Sunday, they unexpectedly lost their father, Stephen Furbush, as well.

Mark Furbush said his brother was a “rock” for his children after their mother died, answering their questions and explaining the tragedy while grieving the loss of his Providence College sweetheart, whom he married in 2006. He had just put in his first full week back at Wellesley Bank, and bought an ?elliptical trainer and new clothes, all one size too small, in hopes of shedding some weight.

“He had a clean bill of health and he was on the right path. He was ?going to be taking care of those few extra pounds,” Mark Furbush said. “He was on the right path. Getting on as well as he could, as well as anyone could who had just watched his wife battle cancer unsuccessfully for last six months.”

Stephen Furbush was my cousin and his death, along with his Kristen’s, has hit the family pretty hard in the last two months. Both were the kind of people who had an amazing capacity to make strangers feel loved, to risk being the awkward one at a party so others would feel comfortable in comparison, and to just make you feel great in their presence. They were amazing parents, raising two amazing kids, and it’s tough to think about how unfair it is for Kayley and Patrick.

A college fund has been established for Kayley and Patrick and while this site is not normally one to ask its kind readers to donate to causes, we obviously feel a strong desire and connection to do so.

We’ve raised about $97,000 for them. Let’s see if we can get it waaay past $100,000. It would mean the world to my family right now as we deal with this loss and help Kayley and Patrick come to terms with losing both of their parents in a matter of months.

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