Mipsterz, or The Rise of Muslim Hipster Chicks

1389800914772.cachedI wonder if this “trend” is contained mostly to America or if it is prevalent in other countries with high Muslim populations.

What originally began as a listserv between a small group of friends—a place to share anything from cool new music and discussions of politics and war to available housing and ethical consumption—evolved into a “welcoming, non-judgemental community of people with varied interests, ideas, and passions,” Chebbi says.

“Too often, Hijabi women are placed in categories of expectation,” Chebbi says. “The stereotypes of being meek, submissive, backward, and bland have been projected onto me far too many times. Growing up wearing the hijab and living in America, I never felt I belonged to a particular group. I felt that to others, being devoted to my faith and adopting interests such as music, art, and fashion were in conflict.”

It was out of this conflict that the Mipsterz were formed. Rather than making a statement on what the hijab is or isn’t—or what Islam is or isn’t—the girls came together to produce a “true portrayal of women who exist somewhere in America.”

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