Things to Do Before You Die

No sane person I know actively went out and saw the (I’m assuming) schmaltzy Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman flick ‘The Bucket List’. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t come up with our own personal list of stuff to do before we die.

Over the years I’ve managed to knock off a bunch of stuff I’d like to do which includes: painting a self-portrait, running with the bulls (well I may have to do this one again as I didn’t run so much as get caught on the course but then I was so freaked out by the bulls I bailed at the end before sneaking back into teh stadium), sky diving, and so many others.

But there is still plenty left I’d like to do: from camping in New Zealand, scuba diving, driving a high-end sports car, attending the Oscars, publish a book, brew my own beer, learn to make one perfect cocktail, cook a seven-course meal for family and friends using produce I’ve grown myself, visit every MLB ballpark with my Dad in one summer, see the Kentucky Derby, ride a motorcycle, visit every continent, et cetera.

We all have these kind of things that seem like an unreachable dream. But does that make them any less achievable?

Esquire is helping the ball rolling by publishing their list of “75 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies.” The list is a bit dude centric, but what do you expect from a men’s magazine. The point, of course, is not to check things off a list, but rather make a concerted point to live a full and rich life.

It’s about saying yes to things rather than no; it’s about facing fears and meeting them head on; it’s about embracing challenges for no reason other than to conquer them; it’s about appreciating small things like a great meal or that perfect glass of beer at the end of a tough day,; it’s about praising that which we don’t think is worthy of praise, such as making an omelette. Ultimately, lists like these are nothing more than an excuse to rejigger your life and get a fresh perspective.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve accomplished more than my fair share of things on Esquire’s list. What would be on yours?

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