An Oral History of the Dream Team

Twenty years ago in Barcelona, they put on a show the world will never forget. The 1992 Olympic Men’s Basketball Team was unlike any team that had come before or after it.

There were hall of fame players at every position, hall of fame players on the bench, hall of fame coaches, internal rivalries, and external pressure to not fail as the eyes of the world watched in amazement. This oral history of the Dream Team is a nice companion piece to the Dream Team documentary.

We were sitting on the baseline. Magic is backing a guy down, and the guy on defense is yelling at his bench, “Now! Now!” And on the bench, one guy’s pulling a camera out of his sock and taking a photo of his teammate.

One time they were playing against Venezuela, and the guy who was guarding Magic kept on saying, “I need your shoes! I need your shoes!” During the game. And Magic goes, “Look, I need my shoes!”

One of the more fascinating aspect of this is the college squad used to warm up the Dream Team consistent of a group of great players (Chris Webber, Allen Houston, Penny Hardaware, et al.) caught in the awful bridge generation between Michael Jordan’s era and LeBron James’. The college kids won the first time they played the Dream Team and then the next time got the hammer laid down on them. [via nextdraft]

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