The Future of Air Travel Envisioned by Airbus

From Airbus: “In the past, air travel has mainly focussed on getting people from A to B as safely and as quickly as possible. But in the future, travelling could be an entirely different experience – integrating different stages of the journey, making the journey so enjoyable that passengers won’t want to arrive or even changing the way you pay.”

Corporate futurism videos tend to be pretty hilarious in how off the mark they are, but the ones from Airbus are particularly funny. It’s like they were made by The Onion.

Flying luxury hotels? Communication and work will be easy and fun on airplanes by the middle of the century? Giant airplane carriers? None of those things are even remotely realistic within this century or the next.

Sure, maybe planes will get faster, more fuel efficient through the use of solar panels or something, but I can’t imagine a scenario where people are anything more than flying cattle. Even Boeing’s Dreamliner is a modest upgrade to how things are now.

The only way Airbus’ vision of the future becomes slightly real is if flying becomes a luxury of the wealthy. That only happens if the plebes can be turned into cattle for high-speed trains.

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