Autogrammar Is Coming to Autocorrect

Nuance’s latest efforts should make WWE wrestler CM Punk very happy.

Using the same Ngram model, Nuance hopes to broaden its capabilities to take entire sentences into consideration. “We’re working on how to take the Ngram to look at the right and left of any given word,” says Sheedy.

For all of you language snobs lamenting the end of “proper English” due to all the typing on the Internet, don’t worry: autocorrect for grammar will continue to degrade the mother tongue. This new and improved phone dictionary will only suggest proper grammar, not automatically correct it. And, if it learns that you like to subvert the stodgy old rules of standard English, it will conform — just as it always has — adding your unique usages of “its” along with those l8rs and lols. “Learning your own personal style of language is, for us, more important than adhering to a prescriptive model of language,” added Sheedy. Good, because some of us like it that way.

Or not.

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