Animation dominates Sunday night plus Monday’s preview picks

Family Guy

In case you don?t start to sense it in my articles, I am such a fan of ?fourth wall? humor as well as the subtle things writers add in that most people don?t catch. That?s not a compliment to myself; since I believe I only catch these little gems from the hours I clock on the couch watching way too much television. That being said, let?s move on to some of the highlights of Sunday?s fall season kick-off:

The Simpsons ? The Springfield family started their 19th (wow) season off with a brand new intro, which was priceless. For fans that saw The Simpsons Movie over the summer, you?ll see hilarious nods at the large bubble that encapsulated Springfield, Spider Pig and the fact that Matt Groening took two decades to make this movie. Unfortunately, the episode itself didn?t hold a candle to the intro, but after 19 years it?s still better all of the new sitcoms being introduced this fall. On a side note, Stephen Colbert appears as Homer?s life coach.

Family Guy ? Seth McFarlane is a genius, of that I am sure. Last week I had the chance to hear him interviewed along with his sister, Rachel, and now I am more of a fan than ever. For this season?s opener, McFarlane created an hour-long parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, spoofing the entire movie and using the films’ original musical score and some of the special effects, all with the blessing of George Lucas himself. Destined to be a classic. My favorite moments ? Stewie as Darth Vader and Brian as Chewbacca, Chris/Luke?s reply to Lois/Leia when rescuing her and the squabbling at the end between McFarlane?s Peter and Seth Green?s Chris regarding Robot Chicken (who Green created and used to spoof Star Wars first). Now that?s fourth wall humor.


Tonight be sure to set all your VCR?s and DVR?s to overload since the following shows all have premiers: Heroes (YAY!), CSI: Miami, Journeyman, Two And A Half Men, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Dancing With The Stars, Big Bang Theory, Rules Of Engagement, The Bachelor, Prison Break and a dozen others if you include non-network channels ? egads!!

  • Best bets ? Heroes, HIMYM, 2.5 Men, Prison Break
  • Worth checking out ? Journeyman
  • Miss without guilt ? Big Bang, The Bachelor

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