Battlestar Galactica: Balter’s trial borrows from Saddam

So how bout Starbuck’s death last night? Pretty crazy, although we’re assuming that she’ll be back at some point either at the end of this season or by the beginning of season 4.0. The fine folks over at Chud have two interviews with Tricia Helfer and James Callis, otherwise known as Caprica Six and Gaius Balter respectively.

Now if you’re not a fan of the show then as Mr. T might say, “I pity the foo!” and highly recommend running out and renting Season 1. Watch it and if you’re not hooked or not down to see what happens to the Battlestar crew, then I won’t hold it against you.

The interviews, however, reveal little spoilers except that Tricia Helfer has a scene with Colonel Tigh in the Season 3.5 finale. And Callis studied the Saddam Hussein trial for Balter’s upcoming trial. Witness:

There was one comment Saddam said in his trial; somebody came up and said, ?I saw it all. I was there in the village when you ordered your troops in and killed all of these people.? And he sat there ? I wanted to do this ? and he took the measure of the man, and said, ?Who told you to say this?? I thought it was amazing because in that one thing he hadn?t denied, he hadn?t made an affirmative ? it sets up more questions. I thought it was amazing! So I tried to bring some of that. You?re on trial for your life and it doesn?t look good, are you going to try to be a wind-up toy and keep everybody amused? No, the buck stops, and fuck off. I think Baltar in his trial? he knows what he?s done, and thinks everybody else does. It?s all over for him, and he?s not about to play Mr. Nice Gaius in that way.

Hopefully it’ll be as compelling as the Marxian battle between the Chief and Adama last week. By the by Helfer appeared in the February issue of Playboy for a glorious ten pages. If you don’t want to buy the article you can peep the photos over at IESB. Um, it’s not safe for work, but Helfer is incredibly hot.

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