“Battlestar Galactica: Razor” promo

Ah, the pleasures that Battlestar Galactica offers.? Our love around here knows no boundaries, and chances are if you take pity on us long enough we’ll convert you to the pleasures this Sci-Fi channel offers.? You laugh, but next thing you know you’ll be hooked.

Season 4 kicks off with a two-hour movie about the destroyed battlestar Pegasus.? The movie follows the nasty Admiral Cain in the moments after the first Cylon invasion of Carpica.? For all you fans out there the Pegasus, you’ll remember, became seperated from the rest of the fleet.? The movie follows the events from the time of seperation until it met up again with the Galactica.

The promo doesn’t reveal much, but it does enough to get us jazzed about the upcoming season.? Notice too, all the female soldiers on the Pegasus, word is they are all present at the behest of Admiral Cain … who may just like her female soldiers a little too much.

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