Bauer’s back for his seventh no good, terrible, bad day

How bad was 24: Day 6?? Wow, it was atrociously bad that’s how much.? I’m guessing, and this is unscientific conjecturing on my part, that if you were to poll 1,000 fans of the show probably 9,985 would say Day Six blew.? Just got on it’s knees in a Minnesota Airport bathroom and did the dirty.

There’s even websites popping up over the shows suckitude.? And we couldn’t agree more.? There’s nothing worse than watching one of your friends go from being a really cool unknown to hanging out with the football team to eventually doing coke and getting plastic surgery.

More than anything it was like the writers didn’t even try to come up with anything topical, politically relevant (or if they did it was abadoned really quickly) or new.? Ever plot contrivance felt like it was cribbed from a previous season and as the day wore on it was clear that one of the most beloved shows on television had lost its way.

In January, Jack Bauer will return.? The cast has been completely overhauled and the producers have shifted the action from L.A. to Washington D.C.? CTU is gone, so maybe things will be better.? We don’t know.? We just know they have to do something to shake things up.

Bauer vs. Almeida … let the torturing commence.? 24 returns in January 2008.

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