Big Rob’s big return

I’m Baaaaaack

I have been gone from the hallowed halls of oysterdom for a while. Waiting?in vain, as it turned out?for the outpouring of reaction from the oysterites, asking, ?Where has he gone? We are bereft without Big Rob’s wisdom and guidance!?

I’d like to be able to claim I have been in a disgust-induced coma, due to the fact that Big Tobacco was so easily able to buy your vote for a mere $12 million. That would be as untrue as their ad campaign, though. Truth is, I was Actually ill for awhile. But watching and waiting, always thinking. And now, I’m ready to spew forth. Get back!

If You Gave Up on Heroes, Come Back, All Is Forgiven

All of your complaints about this season’s Heroes were legitimate. Even show creator Tim Kring acknowledged the mistakes.

The last episode went a long, long way toward setting things right. We find out the beginning of Maya’s story. We find out what happened to Peter and Nathan after the explosion in New York, how Peter lost his memory, and why Elle is so intense on nailing him (so to speak).

We find out what happened to D.L. and how Niki ends up working for the Company. We get yet more contradictory information about the Company (good or evil?) as one of its founders, Adam, appears to be a prisoner of the Company yet helps Peter escape and heals Nathan.

We get more Kristin Bell. (Can there be enough?)

In summary, we no longer are being presented with more and more questions and characters or slow moving plots without getting at least some answers along the way.

I Brought It to You Oysterites First

If you took my recommendation, and have been watching Back to You, well done. If you have not yet got around to watching an episode, yesterday would have been a good time to start. This has all the earmarks of those classic Frasier episodes which were pure farce?meaning side-splittingly hilarious?yet never lost sight of why we care for the characters, and why they care for each other.

Chuck (Kelsey Grammer) was still unhappy that Kelly (Patricia Heaton) had not told their daughter Gracie that he is her father. Now it is Gracie’s eleventh birthday, and Kelly has it all planned out. Of course, Chuck, along with the rest of the top-notch cast, managed to be there, and there was something about a crazed raccoon.? Worth every second.? And please don’t bemoan the sitcom until you give this show a chance.? It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it certainly is funny.

Bionic Woman Still Looks Strong

Much has been made about all the behind the scenes shake-ups in the writing/producing crew behind Bionic Woman. I have to say, it has not evidenced itself in what shows up on the air (at least so far).

The show has been pretty consistent, carrying on with its basic themes: Jamie’s discomfort at being treated like a project instead of a person; her personal conflicts in having to lie to her little sister, Becca, her desire to be a good ?mom? to Becca vs, Becca’s tendency to be the ?rebellious teen?; her continuing learning curve regarding her abilities and limitations.

They did seem to drop the ?evil prototype? story kind of precipitously, hence the lack of Katie Sackoff for all you Portlanders, but I have faith she will return in interesting ways.

And, as a bonus, BW is the lead in for what remains as one of the best written and acted new series, Life. Brownshirt alert: Olivia, a recurring character on the show, who is theoretically supposed to marry Crewes’ dad, is played by Christine Hendricks – Mal’s ?wife? from Firefly. She amusingly turns Charlie’s friend Ted (Adam Arkin) into a gibbering pile of mush merely by her presence.

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  • James Furbush November 15, 2007, 11:20 am

    Let me be the first to say welcome back amigo. We missed ya. Let me just say that I became smitten with Christine Hendricks in “Firefly,” became seduced by her on “Mad Men” (the best new show this year for me!) and only had that confirmed by her turn on “Life.” Dang… and you can never have enough Kristen Bell.