“Bionic Woman” gets another showrunner

This is sort of getting to be a joke and it makes us wonder just what the hell is going on behind the scenes of NBC’s freshman drama reboot of Bionic Woman.? The promise and pedigree is there, but they can’t seem to get their shit together and we fear that the confusion behind the scenes is hurting the quality of the show.

Let’s backtrack a bit.? The show was given to Battlestar Galactica writer David Eick to get off the ground.? Seems like he laid a good foundation both in casting decisions and the overall tone of the show.? Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as political/topical/sci-fi as it could be, what with all the probing questions they could be asking about the nature of humans and robotics, etc.

Regardless, it’s still be a decent enough, if uneven romp.? Eick got Jason Smilovic on board as the show runner, but he left almost immediately.? Then they replaced him with Jason Katims, who was running both Bionic Woman and Friday Night Lights.? But now he’s out and Jason Cahill is in.

Cahill worked on The Sopranos, writing some of the best episodes that show had.? Hopefully, he’ll bring some stability to the show and the writer’s room, which has obviously been too chaotic. ? Three showrunners in as many months generally spells trouble.

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