Cartwheels are hard

We still haven’t gotten over the sadness that was the end of The Gilmore Girls, and we still haven’t gotten over the sadness that was show-creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s forced early exit from the show.? And that was like two years ago, imagine if our dog died.? Imagine if we had a dog?

Snap back to reality.? Anyway, Sherman-Palladino returns to television in the fall with her latest show The Return of Jezebel James.? Sounds like a western or something, but alas, it’s a standard sitcom (grating laugh track and all) about two mismatched sisters (one’s in publishing!? one doesn’t have a job!) who renew their estranged relationship when the oldest one can’t get preggers and the youngest one has to be the incubator.

And yeah, that sounds decent enough to watch, despite it’s standard multi-camera sitcom format.? And we’re intrigued by the sisters being played by Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose.? But the trailer leaves us with a disgusted feeling and the promo clips don’t help at all either.

Yup, that was the sound of our high expectations plummetting off the top of a bridge towards rush hour traffic. (via Whitney)

The Return of Jezebel James will air on FOX. ? More clips after the jump.Promo Clip 1

Promo Clip 2

Promo Clip 3


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