Catching up on Life

I was singularly unintrigued by the trailers for NBC’s new show Life. It comes on after Bionic Woman, however, so I found myself watching it. After three episodes, I have to say, I’m impressed.

Brit Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers), is Charlie Crewes – a detective who has just been released after 12 years in a supermax prison after being exonerated from a murder charge. His lawyer negotiated a settlement wherein he was awarded an undisclosed (but apparently large) sum of money and reinstated as a police detective.


Detective Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi of The L Word), gets Crewes as her partner because she’s a recovering alcoholic. Her lieutenant plans on using the leverage she has on Dani to force her to report any screw ups from Crewes so she can fire him. (In spite of being cleared by DNA evidence, most of the cops feel he was probably guilty as we learn through faux-documentary interviews.)


There is a large supporting cast, including the great Adam Arkin as the roommate?formerly a white collar criminal Crewes kept alive in prison. Crewes has been studying Zen to try and keep from being consumed with anger and a desire for revenge. This leads to some seemingly bizarre behavior and dialogue which is quite entertaining, and?in the way of things on TV?often helps him in solving cases.


The show has both a threaded plotline of Crewes searching for the people responsible for his incarceration and also your run-of-the-mill police procedural where the detectives solve a crime by show’s end. I heartily recommend that you visit and catch up on the early episodes so you can add a little more life to your Wednesdays.


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