Don’t Stop Believin’

Howdy fans of the small screen! Ready or not, it?s that time of year again?the leaves are changing color, the kids are back in school, the night air gets cool and crisp, and you?re totally stoked for the new Fall television season. Well, that is until you realize your DVR only lets you record two channels at a time. Frick!

Thank the lucky stars above that now you have me to help you sort through the good, the bad, and the just-ain?t-worth-my-time. With the help of a house full of televisions, a few DVR?s, a handful of VCR?s, about a dozen remote controls and a big box of bon bons, I?ll do my best to let you know what?s going on with your favorite shows and the people who star in them. It?s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Send them this way and I?ll be happy to see what I can do. In the meantime, let?s talk about the semi-official sign that the Fall season is here?the Emmy?s!

On Sunday night the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air on Fox at 8:00 PM. Ryan Seacrest, figuring he didn?t really need the four hours of sleep he gets working six other jobs, has stepped up to host. Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if he is really human? Since the show airs live tomorrow, I?ll skip the formalities until next year and just point out the biggest highlight of all ~ that Journey lovin? family from Jersey, The Sopranos.

With dozens of Emmy?s already tucked away in their belt, and a plethora of nominations, The Sopranos made HBO proud in it?s eight year run, putting the cable network at the top of the list for Emmy nods. This year the drama will likely capture another honor and make television history by being the first show to win Best Drama after it has closed up shop. There is plenty of heated discussion out there over whether or not The Sopranos deserve the award, and many feel it belongs with cranky old Dr. House.

I?m up in the air, but hey, we’re talking about a show that had me so mesmerized by the end, I was jumping in my seat more than I did during the movie Signs (a great movie to see if you want your date in your lap, by the way). And I?m sure I?m not the only viewer in the world who though their cable had gone out during the infamous final seconds of the series finale.

A few more Emmy tidbits ? TV Guide has driven Joan and Melissa Rivers to desk jobs, and they?ll blogging live during the red carpet pre-show (who reads blogs??) Taking their spot on the shag this year will be the gorgeous Lisa Rinna and former N?Sync-er Joey Fatone, both of whom took part in Dancing With The Stars earlier this year.

Thanks to Al and Leo we?ll be enjoying another ?green? year of the Emmy?s, with even more eco-friendly items and goings on than last year.

Lastly, if you just don?t give a darn who wears or wins what, you?ve got some interesting alternatives out there?CBS will run an hour long recap of the Big Brother 8 so far, dragging out the agony a few more days until the evicted houseguests return and decide between the lesser of two Evels. (Calling Dr. Will ? can we please make Big Brother 9 just you running around the yard in your shorts all summer?)

Surf on over to NBC and you can catch the Chargers and the Patriots battle it out on Sunday Night Football.

That?s it for now, TV fans ? I?ll be back next time with in-depth coverage of the new Fall season?including returning favorites and which new show not to miss and which ones are sure to be gone by the time you are carving pumpkins.

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