Drew Carey steps into Bob Barker’s ginormous shoes

They should have just cancelled The Price is Right when Bob Barker decided to retire to the stud farm, alas producers have tapped Drew Carey to replace him.

CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler says Carey “is incredibly smart, he’s fast on his feet, his facility with improv is extraordinary, but also he’s a man of the people. Much of what The Price Is Right is about is establishing a rapport with contestants. When they come up there, they really (will) feel he’s rooting for them. Plus, he’s funny.”

Tassler credits CBS chief Leslie Moonves with the idea of hiring Carey. As president of Warner Bros. Television, Moonves worked with Carey on TheDrew Carey Show.

CBS says Carey’s Price Is Right shows will begin airing this fall, but it’s unclear when.

Carey, has some hosting experience, and not at the local Applebees. He presided over Who’s Line is it Anyway? for ABC back in the day. His sitcom was pretty good, so maybe there is hope.

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