DVD: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Finally!? Not sure if anyone else has been waiting with a clenched jaw, but the funniest show on television has finally got a release date for DVD.? It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1 and 2 will drop September 4.? The set will contain all 17 episodes.

Presumably this will be in time for the start of season 3. ? The show doesn’t just cross the line, but it pisses on it quite often.? From the steroid episode to the abortion episode or the underage drinking/prom episode we’re talking comedy gold.? Yes, The Office gets all the love, but anyone who likes to laugh inappropriately will tell you the gang from Paddy D’s are the funniest gang around.? It’s genius is in how crass it is, but it always feels okay because it’s so zany.

And if you’ve never seen the show?? Well we’ve taken the time to put together some clips for you to enjoy … or be repulsed by.? Either way.

From the Dee and Dennis do crack episode.

Charlie loves America!

Um, the gang goes jihad.

Mac gets laid at an abortion rally.

“I will eat your baby’s bitch!” Sweet Dee on ‘roids.

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