Emmy Awards Recap

Wow, what a whirlwind night for me! My dress ? long and slinky Prada?.my accessories ? half a mil worth of pink diamonds and sapphires, on loan from Harry Winston?. 4 hours in hair and makeup, and last but not least, an invitation to the oh-so prestigious Governor?s Ball after party. I feel like Cinderella?well, at least I would have if that were really how the Emmy?s went down for me. Instead, here I sit in a pink t-shirt (far cry from diamonds), curled up on the sofa with my friends Ben and Jerry, watching all the glitter and glam unfold before my eyes.

How to recap such a great evening? Normally, I?m not a big fan of award shows, even though I am totally obsessed with everything Hollywood. This year, however, I was impressed. Going green for the second year in a row, the Emmy?s stepped up their game this time by down staging to a mere round tiered riser made from recycled materials, a blue carpet throughout the auditorium made from recycled rubber, and, according to one presenter, the cast of Kid Nation powering the lighting. Although the ?in-the-round? style seating reminded me more of a game show, it did bring a certain humble and intimate feel to the night. Kudos.

Let?s run down the big winners. HBO topped the list with a whopping 21 statuettes, followed closely by NBC with 19 Emmy wins. As many predicted, HBO?s The Sopranos made television history last night by winning Outstanding Drama Series, the first to do so after a show has already ended it?s run. First time winners Kathryn Heigl, Jaime Pressley and America Ferrera were all adorable, seeming genuinely honored and grateful to be chosen.

Other major category winners include 30 Rock for Best Comedy Series, The Amazing Race for Best Reality-Competition Program, The Daily Show with John Stewart for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series (can?t wait to see the throw off tonight with Steven Colbert!), James Spader (Boston Legal) for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters) for Lead Actress in a Drama series, followed by Terry O?Quinn (LOST) & Katherine Heigl (Grey?s Anatomy) respectively, as their Supporting co-horts.

Ricky Gervais (Extras) took home the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, American Ferrera (Ugly Betty) for Lead Actress, and their Supporting winners, Jeremy Piven for Entourage and Jaime Pressley for My Name is Earl.

Big Bang Implodes!

In other tube news, I?ve already decided on my first pick for the chopping block from the new Fall lineup. I was lucky (?) enough to stumble on the first episode of The Big Bang Theory, set to premier Monday, September 24th at 8:30 PM on CBS. Big Bang stars Johnny Galecki (Roseanne) and Jim Parsons (Judging Amy) as two socially inept brainiacs, and Kaley Cuoco (Prison Break, Charmed, 8 Simple Rules) as their recently single, hot neighbor. As much as I enjoyed Johnny?s performance on Roseanne as the adorable David, he falls flat in Bang, with a very predictable plot line and thin writing. It?s definitely not the next great sitcom, and I?d save your time for more riveting Monday night scorchers like the returning faves Prison Break and Heroes.

Big Brother would rather be watching something other than his namesake…

On the reality front, last night?s hour-long recap of the Big Brother 8 season thus far was so painful I?d rather be stuck in the jury house with the hyper-emotional Amber for a week than to watch it again. In a first, CBS aired a ?Survivor-style? homage to the fallen tribe, er?housemates as the final two (father-daughter duo Dick and Daniele Donato) sat around the empty BB house recalling moments with each evicted houseguest. Painfully scripted, the Donato?s seemed horribly uncomfortable with such a forced tribute to people that, according to Daniele, they basically hate. Shame on you, CBS, I realize you were up against the Emmy?s, but such an insincere display of butt kissing? Surely you could have found something better to show. No matter now?CBS wraps up the annual summer guilty pleasure this Tuesday when the evicted houseguests cast their vote to decide which Donato walks away with $500,000.

It?s now time to hit the sack after my long night of champagne and after parties. We?ll get further into the new shows this week, most of which I?ll wager are headed to rest in peace with Big Bang as the search for the new Friends continues.

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