Great moments in “Saved by the Bell” history

Well we’re gonna polish up what seems like a tribute week to the great television show, Saved By the Bell. Probably one of the greatest moments in my life was when my buddy Scotty D. paid to have Mr. Belding call me up and wish me happy birthday. No lie! I got to actually talk to Mr. Belding or at least someone who sounded exactly like him. All courtesy of Hollywood Is Calling.

So you know that when I came across this Top Ten list from Uber, of course I was going to comment on it and share. Now all of the moments are backed up with video evidence. According to the user there are the top moments in Saved By the Bell history:

  1. Jessie addicted to caffeine pills
  2. Zack and Slater fight in the hall
  3. Slater dances
  4. The “Hot Sundae” video
  5. Zack and Kelly break up
  6. Zack Attack reunion
  7. No Hope With Dope PSA
  8. Buddy Bands
  9. Fresh Prince of Bayside
  10. Zack’s Graduation Speech

One can only assume, based upon this list, that several periods in Saved By the Bell lore were left out. Including the Malibu Sands epoch, the Ms. Bliss and Milo era, the Tory era, and the college years. Now if I were making the list I probably wouldn’t have including the Hot Sundae video, because it came from the same episode as Jessie taking the caffeine pills. In fact the girl group directly led to Jessie’s downfall because she couldn’t balance SAT preparations with the singing group.

For my tastes the PSA would have been hirer ranked. But it’s hard to fault the inclusion of any of the other moments. All I want to know is how could you leave off the clip where Screech beats Ox, the dumb jock, in the American Gladiators Army competition? Or for that matter when Zack impersonates the Russian chess player? Of course there’s always the drunk driving episode as well. And Tori Spelling as Violet. Not to mention the episode where Zack gets a 1500 on his SATs and then uses that leverage to seduce other Bayside High women. Oh and also, Zack could stop time simply by calling Time-Out? What’s up with that?

What do you say, what are your top moments in Saved By The Bell lore?

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