Heroes: Origins cancelled by NBC

So the proposed Heroes spinoff, that was to feature six stand alone episodes and written by some of Hollywood’s big shots like Kevin Smith, has gotten the axe from NBC.

They claim it has to do with the impending writer’s strike of doom that’s to take effect tonight at midnight.

“Looking at everything in context of the strike, we?re evaluating all of our production commitments,” said one insider. “Scripts haven?t been written yet.”

Origins was designed to provide fans with six episodes of a fresh Heroes-related show in place of repeats in the spring. If the labor situation changes quickly, the network could revisit the decision to scrap the show.?

On a related note, is anyone else getting tired of Heroes this season?? There’s something about it that just isn’t doing it for me.? It seems non-sensical and cliched and too convoluted and the payoffs have been few and far in between.? Just not sure about the new characters and the continued screen time of the boring ones from last season, cough cough Claire cough cough.

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