In Other Political News…

Sen. Hillary Clinton will make a campaign rally stop to South Park, Colo. tonight for “The Snuke.” Though Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s satire, parody, absurdity, celebrity killing show has long ago stopped being appointment tv for us, we think we’ll put this one on the TIVO. Afterall if it’s half as funny as the Tom Cruise Scientology episode then it’ll be the funniest thing you’ll see this year.


Plot details haven’t been released but Cartman suspects an Islamic student is a terrorist plotting to assassinate Ms. Clinton. Just wish the actual Hillary lended her voice for the episode. She woulda scored mad points with the young kids, which you know are the same folks who vote and are coveted by advertisers. Just kidding we are the young folks and even if the real Hillary was in the episode it wouldn’t make us want to vote for her more. Afterall we still don’t know what she stands for.

In other news does anyone know what any of the candidates stand for, except for the fact that Obama is catching up to Hillary in this horserace? Last I checked the primaries and election didn’t happen until next year.

South Park airs at 10 p.m. tonight on Comedy Central.?

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