Lonely Girl 15: Season 2

Ah yes, remember when you fell in love with Bree and then felt the pang of being sucker punched when it was revealed that Bree was really actress Mia Rose and that the entire Lonely Girl 15 saga was nothing more than an elaborate stage play?

I remember those days like it was yesterday.  What?  It was yesterday!?!  Je-sus. Grgh.  I feel so duped.

Anyway, the entire spectacle was pretty amazing.  The filmmakers suckered voyeurs into this girl’s life of innocence adn home-schooling and made the short videos compelling enough to look forward to the next one.? And somewhere in the middle of the story arc, they made a left hand turn and things got really interesting.? Especially when she pledged to take down “The Order.”? All of which to say, is the entire concept was a masterstroke of brilliancy in this age of Internet 2.0.

So are you excited for the start of Season 2 on Monday?? It’s too early to tell, but it’ll be curious to see of the pliability of the show is affected, now that everyone knows Bree is nothing more than a character in a fictitious world.

Looks like the creators of the LG15 saga have something else up their sleeves with Kate Modern. ? Essentially, it’s the British version of LG15.? And if you know our sad affectations for all things British, then you can probably guess we’ll be glued to our office chairs.

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