“Lost” for another three years

The end game looks like it will have any actual end. Though it makes us sad to live in a television world without the 815ers, we applaud the decision by ABC and Touchstone to bring back the hit show for only 48 more episodes after the third season.Instead of the traditional 22 episodes per season, when “Lost” returns for their remaining three seasons, they will be shortened to 16-episode arcs. Probably all shown in one straight shot. I kinda wish other networks would do this. Viewers can actually see the difference in quality between HBO and FX, which only allow their serial dramas to have 13 episodes per season. There’s less filler and more killer. Er… can’t believe we’ve resorted to puns this early on Monday morning.

Anyway, the good news is that executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, i.e. the brain trust, will return for all three seasons to ensure the highest quality going out. Recognize.

Cuse added that he hoped more shows will be able to follow the “Lost” lead and declare an end date.

“I think for story-based shows like ‘Lost,’ as opposed to franchise-based shows like ‘ER’ or ‘CSI,’ the audience wants to know when the story is going to be over,” Cuse wrote. “When J.K. Rowling announced that there would be seven ‘Harry Potter’ books, it gave the readers a clear sense of exactly what their investment would be. We want our audience to do the same.”

Amen to that brother.

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