Lost gets another cast member

This one comes in as a rumor via the Lost Spoilers site.? This is must read stuff if you are a fan of the show, we check in at least once a day in the Oyster offices.

They’re reporting that actor Peter Stormare has been added to the cast for Season 4. ? No word yet, on which role Stormare will be playing or if this rumor is actually verified.? We’ll have to keep our eyes and ear on the lookout for a confirmation.

Who is Peter Stormare you may find yourself asking?? Well, he’s certainly one of those guys who can certifiably be labelled “Oh he’s that guy!”

In past roles he’s been The Crazy Russian (Armageddon), Satan (Constantine), Buscemi’s Partner (Fargo).? You get the idea.? He’s always popping up in some role, playing some character that always makes an impression.

The Swedish actor pimping for VW

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