Lost tonight!

So today is Wednesday and though it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon here in Oysterland, we’ve decided to call it a day. Afterall it’s almost 65 degrees here in Boston. In March fer christsake! There’s just down right evil. And it makes being a productive member of society nearly impossible absolutely impossible. So we’re gonna go have an afternoon pint or drive around with our car windows rolled down. Are you feeling jealous? Probably not. Anyway, today is Wednesday and that means today is all about “Lost.”

Tonight’s episode has a Claire centric vibe to it. And by all indications the rumors of Jack and Claire being half-siblings are no lie! Crazy. Seems like Jack’s dad is connected to every island member in some way. Or I guess the survivors. Regardless Claire’s gonna be all gothed out tonight and Emilie de Ravin is just as sexy with black hair. Maybe even more so.

Aint It Cool has a nice little episode spoiler thingie. It’s worth checking out to wet your whistle. And we’ve got photos of Evangeline Lilly and Josh Halloway to do the same! We don’t discriminate. It’s too bad these two fine DNA specimens aren’t having sex in real life, since their child would be devestatingly beautiful.

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