Maya Rudolph stays, leaves, stays with Saturday Night Live

Update: Thanks to Big Rob for the heads up, Rudolph has decided to stay with SNL.? TV Guide Network reported this afternoon and was confirmed when Rudolph sent a statement to Micahel Ausiello. ? This is probably be the most amount of time we spend thinking about or sweating over SNL this year.? Unless of course we end up watching on of those Best of DVDs.? We’re thinking Will Ferrell all the way.? Though we’ll admit to having a Dana Carvey soft spot.

Tv Guide’s Michael Ausiello reports that SNL funny gal Maya Rudolph has decided to leave the show just five days before the start of the 33rd season.

No one (save for Maya herself) knows for sure, although a Peacock source says it was a “personal, family-based decision” and had nothing to do with money or screen time.

Now we have just Amy Poelher and Kristin Wiig as the lone funny gals on the show. What’s got us baffled is that Poehler is start apart on the SNL cast. This is probably good news for Wiig, who, in no short amount of time, has proven herself to be one of the funniest cast members.


So we say goodbye to Maya Rudolph. Though we’re trying real hard to think of any of her standout moments or characters and we just can’t really come up with any, other than her dead-on Donnatella Versace impersonation. Anyone got any suggestions?

Let us leave you with this musical tribute from none other than Matt Sharp, former Weezer member, and leader of The Rentals. Rudolph, you may not know it, was a touring keyboard player with the band circa 1996.

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  • Amy Poehler November 24, 2007, 7:24 pm

    Hello…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Saturday