Mondays Are Fun Again

Tim Kring, et al., continue to deliver as they promised.

If you haven’t come back to Heroes yet, boy are you missing out.? Things are happening, people. Getting a little clearer.? Suresh, Bob, HRG:? good or evil?? You might be surprised.

A little less Claire, and a little more Elle.? Uh, that’s Elle, the Executioner.? (And Bob’s daughter.)? Hiro is back in the present, and learns that, even if he could save his father, it is probably best not to “play God.”? Isaac’s paintings are still coming true, but in unexpected ways.

And, in much the same way that a decent reason for watching Bionic Woman is as a lead in to Life, a good case could be made for watching Chuck since it’s the lead in for Heroes.? Despite its abysmal ratings, this has turned out to be a pretty funny and cute show without ever getting cutesy.? Big kudos have to go to the charm of the cast, Zachary Levi as Chuck, Joshua Gomez as best friend and fellow nerd Morgan, Yvonne Strahovski as Sara, the CIA agent who is supposed to protect Chuck, and particularly Adam Baldwin as the overzealous NSA agent who competes and sometimes cooperates with Sara.

Also, if you didn’t catch it on Monday, people are all abuzz about the appearance of Slusho in Heroes.? Actually, the cast was drinking it in funny behind the scenes type of shots, however, Elle was drinking it in the episode last night.

Slusho, for the? people scratching their heads, was a? slushy drink used by JJ Abrams first in Alias and then subsequently in other properties of his like Mission Impossible III and recently in the promos for the monster flick Cloverfield.? Is there a connection other than good buddy Greg Grunberg?? We shall see.



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  • MP3 December 17, 2007, 10:24 am

    I love Heroes. I like it because it is not like other soap operas which bores you to tears…It makes you think. It is really interesting to see people’s great abilities.