No one really knows Michael Cera

But you should.? We’ve held off on posting about the internet television show Clark and Michael, mostly because we thought of it as our little secret.? Now that one of its stars, Michael Cera, has appeared on Letterman I guess the cat’s out of the bag.

Clark and Michael is sponsored by CBS and it might be the funniest show on television, if it were on television.? Instead you can watch all of the 11-minute episodes on the website.? The show follows the adventures of Clark Duke and Michael Cera as they navigate the tricky waters of Hollywood.? What’s great is seeing Cera, who does awkward comedy like no other.

He was sublime as George Michael on FOX’s Arrested Development and in his internet television show he brings the same adorable awkwardness.? There’s nothing quite like watching him pretend to be an oenophile and know nothing about wine.? When he pretends to be more sophisticated than he actually is, there’s hardly anything more funny.? Check that show out and check out Cera’s performance on The Letterman show two nights ago.

It’s almost refreshing to see an actor go on a variety show and profess that no one knows who he is, which is partly true.? We’re just hoping that changes with the release of Superbad in August.

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