Oh (Her)Woe(s) is me! (clever, huh?)


Sorry, kiddos, for leaving you hanging for a few days, but since Monday I’ve been grieving. All I can say is why NBC why??! You had one of the hottest shows out there and you?ve gone and fell victim – as I was afraid you would ? to the notorious ?sophomore slump?, an ailment that affects so many great shows. In a nutshell, they kick off their series with a bang, leaving you counting the days/hours/minutes/seconds until the next episode, checking fan sites for spoilers, watching the upcoming previews again and again, all to try and satiate your appetite over the next six, excruciatingly painful days. (Yes, people get that hooked!)

For example, how many of you out there were dying to know where the Lost castaways were at the end of the series premier? That ?monster? in the jungle, it was all so new, so perplexing, so engaging. By the end of season one, there wasn?t a person in the country who didn?t wonder what the heck was in that hatch! Alas, as in many cases, the payoff is never as good as the suspense. Kind of like movie love?but that?s for another day?

On to the whole purpose of my rant ? NBC’s season two premier of Heroes. *Sigh* I almost feel at a loss at how to recap the events. Immediately I noticed that the stories were so abundant and convoluted that for the first time during premier week I wish I had re-watched the season finale to make sure I hadn?t missed anything. The heroes take up not where they left off, but four months later. (Anyone interested in a wager than they do a flashback episode sometime this season??) Half of the characters whose lives were left hanging during the finale are MIA ? soooo, are they dead, disappeared, done-blowed-up what gives?

We see that Claire and her father are alive and well, as is Matt, Molly, Mohinder, Ando, Hiro (although he is busy jumping through ? and screwing with ? time), Evil Mom-Petrelli, Nathan (though in deep depression over the death of Peter), oh ? and Peter, who is most definitely not dead, but crazy? Overheated, perhaps? And where is Sylar? Surely we have not seen the last of him.

Sulu and Mom-Petrelli turn out to be in cahoots, and are apparently going to be dead within the day. How do we know this? They don?t really say, other than the fact that there appears to be a new villain, whom I?m going to call Symbol Person since he/she/Sylar reminds me of ? insert Prince?s symbol/moniker here – I?d try and type it but I don?t think my keyboard has that particular key!

Bottom line is I?m worried. There are very few sitcoms left that are any good these days, and the dramas seem to be dropping off as well?with variety reality TV taking over in a BAD way (Dancing With the Stars, Singing Bee, Don?t Forget The Lyrics, So You Think You Can Dance, etc., phasing out the good old reality shows like The Mole, Temptation Island, Fear Factor and so on), well, there just isn?t much left.

Please Tim Kring bring back the Heroes I know and love!! What happened to D.L., where is Micah, where is Niki/Jessica? Why give super-hot Nathan a mountain man beard. WTF is Hiro doing? Who are these people running from Mexico? When does Kristen Bell join the cast? Ack! Now I am the one who is going to explode.

All I can say is thank God for Ted’s tramp stamp and Barney’s mysterious phone call to Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. Legen-dary!


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